Why Cruelty-Free Matters Series- Hydrolyzed Silk Edition

Why Cruelty-Free Matters Series- Hydrolyzed Silk Edition

Why Cruelty-Free Matters Series- Hydrolyzed Silk Edition

Let's break this down. Some skincare brands boast of not testing their products on animals and we celebrate that....but let's dig deeper! Animal cruelty goes beyond testing products on animals who obviously don't need them or should I even say want them....but they seem to skip the fact that the products themselves contain ingredients that are derived from animals. Let's talk about one popular ingredient "Hydrolyzed Silk".

Hydrolyzed Silk is obtained from boiling and killing silkworms to create chemically altered proteins. It's then used as an antistatic humectant and hair and skin conditioner in cosmetics. Now, Hydrolyzed Silk may be considered to be pretty powerful as it has moisture-binding properties & a silky smooth feel. It's gluten-free and non-GMO and has a mild odor.  It's preserved with benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate and the protein content is about 10%. pH 4.0-6.0. water-soluble.

BUT.....it's not necessary. Instead, plant-based alternatives can be used like sucrose cocoate and organic vegetable glycerin, as well as a wide variety of plant-based hydrolyzed proteins. For example, sucrose cocoate is a very mild surfactant, which is used in shampoos, intimate cleansing lotions and shower gels. In shampoos, it reduces the electrostatic charging of hair and in skin cleansing products it is very gentle! It's made from coconut oil fatty acids and sugar from sugar beets!

Doesn't the plant-based alternative sit better with you? It sure does sit better with us at ODAGE!

At ODAGE, ingredients matter, the earth matters, animals matter and most valuable of all....each and every one of you, our loyal customers!

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