The silent cry of dealing with melasma.

The silent cry of dealing with melasma.

The silent cry of dealing with melasma.

This is by far not the type of thing I would usually share on but two years ago I created a facebook group called Melasma and Hyperpigmentation Treatment. The group grew quickly and even though I had set the location for the Caribbean and USA, I would notice that there are requests to join from all over the world such as Philippines, South Africa and even Europe. 

I would share content religiously in the group and the engagement would not be fantastic but yet still I keep on doing it. At almost 5,000 members in this group, a post would typically have less than 20 comments. The thing is while this public display of engagement was so inbox was constantly filled with women literally sending me pictures of their skin and pouring out the emotions that they feel saying "can you please help me? I have tried everything". Each and every time, I would respond. I never leave a message unanswered because as a woman who has struggled with my self esteem in the past, I know how it feels to see yourself in the mirror and not be happy with the reflection. 

When I first started this group on facebook, the intention was to create a safe space for women to talk about the emotions behind dealing with skincare concerns, however, the reality is that due to the fact that we were all strangers, it takes time to build up that trust and ability to be vulnerable. I too, have not shared by own story and images and now that I am thinking about it....It's time that I do. 

So many common things I have heard these women say such as " I can never leave my home without makeup as people will  stare", or " I don't know why this is happening to me!". The thing is that you'd be suprised by how many of us walk around with the right amount of foundation and concealer on our faces that the other person next to us will simply never know how bad our bare skin looks! If you ever feel alone, remember this one thing......many women wear makeup because they feel like the have to not because they like makeup. 

I've asked a group of women if they would like to wake up and not have to bother with putting on makeup and they all said yes! 

The point is, if you are feeling alone in your skincare journey, remember that there are many women facing the same reality as you.


  • Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. I sometimes feel so alone in this journey.

    Susan on

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