Let's Talk Melasma & OTC Treatments

Let's Talk Melasma & OTC Treatments

Let's Talk Melasma & OTC Treatments

The beauty industry is not heavily regulated so when the "powers that be" make a decision to ban an ingredient that is usually included in Over The Counter cosmetics...it's definitely worth a second look. Don't you think?

I say it's not heavily regulated as there are quite a few untested, home recipes for sale in the marketplace making great promises to prevent, heal, repair skin etc and who is verifying this?

Anyways, before I get myself in trouble, let's focus on Melasma and it's treatment. Melasma, simply put is a skin condition characterized by brown or grey patches on the skin. It usually appears on the face but can be found on different parts of the body. There are prescription strength treatments available which must be dispensed on the basis of a RX from a Dermatologist and there are SPA treatments such as Chemical Peels that make quite a difference in the appearance of melasma.

But today, I want to address these OTC cosmetics that we can use at home that claim to be able to treat Melasma. The main active ingredient in Melasma treatments for over 40 years has been hydroquinone. Now, do not get me wrong, hydroquinone works but, are we really out here sacrificing our health to clear up some discolorations?

Did you know that hydroquinone was banned as an ingredient in OTC melasma treatments in Europe since 2001 due to health concerns such as CANCER?

In the US, this same ingredient has been banned as well in Sep 2020 as part of the CARE ACT. So tell me, what are we doing about this in Trinidad and Tobago?

Do we sit by and hope somebody says something or do we make a stand and exercise our CHOICE not to use products with this ingredient to treat melasma and hyperpigmentation as our beauty matters...but more so our health matters!

So hear me out, clean beauty products do exist and unless we make a stand against untested products or toxic ingredients....that's what we will get. Before you try anything for your melasma and/or hyperpigmentation read the label and make sure hydroquinone is not in it. 

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